Welcome To Saddle Up Ranch!

Welcome to the Saddle Up Ranch website!

Saddle Up Ranch is a charitable organisation near Blairgowrie, Scotland. We are an animal education and therapy centre that encourages and promotes reward based behaviour principles. 

Saddle Up works with local councils and community projects opening opportunities for adults and children to experience hands-on therapy work with these amazing and patient animals.

We are passionate about hoof carewestern horsemanship, promoting learning for all through therapy sessions and workshops and working with problem horses.


Horses as Therapy

Studies prove that proximity to and interacting animals has a physiological effect on the human body, reducing heart rate and stimulating the immune system through the production of oxytocin. 

Horses as Therapy is a form of cognitive behavioural therapy and, as such, contributes to treatment from trauma, PTSD, anxiety, mental health issues, addiction, autism.

For young people, the same techniques support learning about leadership, responsibility and confidence through body awareness and mindfulness. 

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