Covid-19 Crisis

The Coronavirus outbreak is effecting us all and is likely to disrupt normal life for some time.

All workshops, gala days, Saddle Up Sundays, public and individual visits have been cancelled.

We have made some changes in response to the recent World events so we can continue to serve our local communities (Angus, Dundee & Perthshire) :

  • To continue to provide a safe space for rescue animals including providing extra kennels for the recent increase in dogs that have been given up
  • To continue to provide guidance and advice regarding animal and human welfare, by staying up to date on government rules and scientific guidelines
  • To provide transport for animals in need of veterinary treatment for those that are ill, isolated or experiencing difficulties - To provide emergency pet cover for individuals taken into hospital
  •  To provide, where possible, trained support dogs for disadvantaged clients that are facing social isolation and who will benefit physically and mentally from fostering a dog short term
  • To apply for funding to help individuals who may, in the coming months, struggle to feed their domestic pets

Wherever possible our policy is to help keep pets in their homes, and to prevent issues. Please call us if you or someone you care about is experiencing difficulty at this time or has questions around animal or human welfare.

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