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What makes Saddle Up! Ranch truly unique is that we work with both horses and people. Many of our horses are rescued. In the last year alone Saddle Up! Ranch has saved nine horses from euthanasia, and 17 in total. We retrain horses, essentially, by teaching the horse to trust rather than act through fear.

Each horse is very different and the time taken with each horse has varied from months to years. Saddle Up! Ranch has a core group of Therapy Horses with the rest of the herd being rehabilitated or retrained. Read a little about our horses’ histories, personalities and what makes them individual!

Big Red Ralph

Deserves his place as highest ranking; Big Red is a gentle leader and teacher to the young horses as well as being a lucky horse to have been owned by humans with empathy. He was diasgnosed with a joint issue meaning he could no longer compete and has come to the charity because he is very people orientated and being a young horse still needs stimulation which he recieves through clicker training and gentle exercise.

Before & after pictures to show how even gentle exercise can tighten the core and increase muscle mass.


Heather has come from a much loved home where daughter was going to university. She is in semi-retirement and we are very pleased to have such a wonderful, kind horse here. Not only does she help train the young riders, she also acts as Grandma to our youngsters helping them to learn boundaries!
You can learn more about Heather in our Natural Barefoot Works page, because she is a good example of what long term shoeing can do to hooves.

Calm River

Famous little River was gifted to us but unknown to us he was a stallion! He is a very calm quiet boy since his operation and bottom of the herd in terms of rank. He loves to be fussed and groomed and will not surface to breathe if given a bowl of feed until it's all gone!


Momma has possibly the softest nose in the horse world! This shy little lady is also incredibly brave, having been through the toughest of times and come out the other side still loving.   


This 24 year old Arab still thinks she is 10! Mouse has a spirit that shines which is evident when we play games – sometimes Mouse even invents her own to play!


Miniature Shetland Bright is certainly not miniature in personality! This adorable wee face belongs to an intrepid explorer in constant search for greener grass!  


As edible as her name suggests, Oreo is the sweetest wee cookie you will meet.

Oreo loves cuddles and walks along the beach.  


Peggy Sue




Adoption showreel 

The horses that you see here have been trained as therapy horses and have now moved on to pastures new.

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