River  *Update*

Firstly a huge thank you to D.C. Thomson & the Forfar Dispatch for covering the story of our little River. 

And also to you, wonderful wonderful supporters for helping us raise the funds to get River this lifesaving operation. So far we have raised £800 !


River had his operation and it went very successfully, rather large testes were removed from his abdomen! 

The Weipers Centre at Glasgow Vet School offered to do a teaching demonstration surgery at a fraction of the standard cost we jumped at the chance. They were professional yet very grounded and down to earth, a great team effort and I learned a lot from the experience, and little River got a long uninterrupted sleep :-)

He is getting plenty of human affection and turning out to be a very sweet natured boy who likes fuss and to be groomed and turning into to quite the therapy horse, to help in return, the humans that helped him.

Eriskay ponies


Eriskays are the last surviving remnants of the original native ponies of the Western Isles of Scotland. They were crofters' ponies, undertaking everyday tasks such as bringing home peat and seaweed and taking the children to school. Only the ponies willing to be trained and work hard were retained, the others were culled.

Over the centuries, the Eriskay ponies evolved into the hardy, versatile, people friendly animals that are recognised today. As Eriskay is so remote and due to difficulties with access, other breeds were not introduced, leaving a stock of pure bred ponies which had declined to around 20 animals by the early 1970s.

As the numbers became so desperately low, a group of people comprising a local priest, doctor, vet, scientist and crofters, got together and decided to save the ponies.

Numbers have risen steadily and now there are over 400 ponies in the world.  The Eriskay Pony stands between 12 and 13.2 hands. They are generally grey and whiten with age. They have thick woolly coats to withstand the Scottish weather and are waterproof!

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