Therapeutic & Emotional Assistance Dogs

Our charity is multifaceted and ever evolving. We started out as rescue & rehabilitation of animals but soon realised the potential for helping humans through training volunteers who had come from challenging backgrounds. 

We have a number of highly trained adult dogs who join us as part of our animals as therapy program.

We visit 14 different care homes and 6 different schools across Scotland which continues to increase through word of mouth.

Residents witness the stages of puppy growth; the delight and joy is clear when ‘their’ pack puppies come to visit. Management report that the quieter residents have a new lease of life for a few days after our visit and it gives both the residents and the staff something to talk about share and look forward to because not much changes from the daily routine of their lives. Most would like us there more often, others would like a trained dog to live onsite or be there on regular days.


Recently we have researched, develop and piloted a training programme aimed at empowering vulnerable people to support, champion and improve the lives of the elderly and those who find themselves socially isolated through the connection with younger people who have been involved in the training of these dogs.

The pilot programme ran for 12 weeks and has given us evidence of changed behaviour from support workers, teachers and local authority workers. 

We are looking forward to vital fundung to host twice weekly sessions with professional animal behaviourist and human therapist, providing opportunities for peer-to-peer support while gaining valuable knowledge and education in the field of behaviour and learning. There is a palpable sense of purpose, belonging, control and self-worth.

Last year our charity trained and homed 4 specifically trained therapy/emotional support dogs, we would like to double this number this year.

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