Horse Profiles

Read a little about each horse's history, personality and quirks that make them individual!

Because like most charities we only have a certain amount of space, we do occasionally adopt out horses that have been through our training programme. Horses with recurrent issues or are disabilities are with us for life.

Big Red Ralph

Deserves his place as highest ranking; Big Red is a gentle leader and teacher to the young horses as well as being a lucky horse to have been owned by humans with empathy. He was diasgnosed with a joint issue meaning he could no longer compete and has come to the charity because he is very people orientated and being a young horse still needs stimulation which he recieves through clicker training and gentle exercise.

Before & after pictures to show how even gentle exercise can tighten the core and increase muscle mass.


Heather has come from a much loved home where daughter was going to university. She is in semi-retirement and we are very pleased to have such a wonderful, kind horse here. Not only does she help train the young riders, she also acts as Grandma to our youngsters helping them to learn boundaries!

She was adopted by one of our Trustees who fell for her on sight. You can learn more about Heather in our Natural Barefoot Works page, because she is a good example of what long term shoeing can do to hooves.

Calm River

Famous little River was gifted to us but unknown to us he was a stallion! He is a very calm quiet boy since his operation and bottom of the herd in terms of rank. He loves to be fussed and groomed and will not surface to breathe if given a bowl of feed until it's all gone!

Spirit & baby

Another sad story of summer 2016, and a three day rescue of three abandoned horses. Momma and babies were caught by lasso by the team and taken back to the ranch for a couple of weeks chill time in the barn. With everyday handling the foals became very friendly and we are working away with Momma horse (Spirit) who will now let us catch her and pick up her feet. She enjoys coming out walking and we have started to put a saddle on her, although she still is a little head shy. We think someone has been rather brutal with her in the past which is heart breaking to think any horse be put through this, but this horse is the sweetest horse we have on the ranch and has never attempted to hurt anyone. A special little lady and we are all privileged that she allows us to touch her now.

*Pearl the baby now adopted

Little Chief

Little guy with the big attitude and love for life! Our first meeting with him was one of exhaustion, chasing him round a field after lassoing him and he got away, very strong are foals! 
He isn't scared now, quite the opposite he wants to be in on whatever you are doing and going through a delightful phase of nibbling clothes!


* Now adopted

Mustang Fury

It took the entire team an afternoon to perform this catch and rescue... Unhandled by his breeder he never had a chance to bond with humans. He has come such a long way and is maturing into a great little horse. He has made friends with the veterans who visit us on Fridays and he has decided he likes people very much afterall.


* Now adopted


Beautiful Marble came in to us with confidence issues; she had a clear mistrust of people although no one is certain what has happened in the past. Thankfully after months of clicker training which she really loves, she now enjoys human company and will be one of the first to greet you on arrival! She is a very sweet natured horse and has been with us for many years. A favourite with visitors and volunteers alike, Marble makes everyone smile.


* Now adopted


Another young horse, Promise came in with some behaviour concerns. She was very cheeky and had learned to pin her ears back to get what she wanted, and growing quickly in size she had become difficult to handle. 

She spent the first few weeks in a stable and only handled by Jessie to whom she took boundaries and guidance from. Jessie soon realised that this horse was incredibly intelligent and hadn't been given a job. They started clicker training together and the list of tricks keeps growing. She is now trained under saddle and looking and acting very mature now, growing into a well mannered young lady.

Hot Spice

Spice is a quarter horse who are renowned for being very placid, kind horses. 
She was given to us because she had become institionalised to her routine and hadn't done anything other than been a companion in a field. She could not be loaded onto a trailer. After two years of unsuccessful attempts by others Saddle Up Ranch became involved and brought her home.  

Quarter horses are well known for their kind and biddable nature, as well as extremly comfortable to ride long distance. 


Rev is the reason that our founding members started on this path. 
He was severly abused by humans which has had a lasting impact on him. He took many months to allow us to touch him and many years until he truly trusted humans. He is very sensitive and unlike any other horse we have worked with. Some days he is your best friend and other days he reverts to remembering what happened to him. The trauma he suffered at the hands of people will stay with him forever.


* Now adopted

Bright Star

Bright is a miniature Shetland pony and one of the nicest of her breed we have ever come across. She loves children and being involved in activities and is happiest when taken out for walks. She might be the smallest member of the herd but she can hold her own with the big ones! She often accompanies us to publicity events, demos and children's parties. She is rideable and has put many a smile on children's faces just by her huggable nature. 

She has a very tiny authentic Western saddle and we had a bespoke bridle made to match. You can't help but melt when she is in her full get up!


Another ex-competition horse, this big rather large chap joined us with a diagnoses of tendon lameness.

After shoes off and months of hoof rehabilitation he is now riding out and an excellent example of how we can change the hoof shape and prevent and cure many problems. 

Chris is a very nice soul, who only wants to please. He fancies the ladies a little too much but then it's probably because he is so handsome they are falling over themselves to get his attention! 


Millie is one of the most stunning horses on the ranch and has the kindest heart. She has been adopted by one of our volunteers and the two of them are a joy to watch as they are very much in sync. 

Millie was very much loved by her owners and when their daughter went to university they did not want her to go into the endless cycle of undervalued horses being passed from home to home.

Horses that have been rehomed


Tinkerbell and Rocky
A mother and son, these two Irish-bred horses were rescued from a caring but novice home where their social issues were not addressed. Tinkerbell was a frightened and withdrawn girl, unwilling to interact with humans at all, while Rocky was forward to the point of insubordination. They were both brought on until they could be safely caught and trimmed, and found experienced homes where they will flourish.  
River arrived as a very disruptive and disobedient horse whose blood tests revealed that his gelding had not gone to plan. His retained testicular material was removed in a crowd-funded operation and he is now a sweet-natured boy who has been accepted into the herd. He has been backed and brought on, and is now teaching young Gracie to ride.
A very gentle and loving horse, Ruby was lucky to survive a serious injury to her hind leg. She had two years recuperation, at the end of which she came to us very out of shape but keen to get back into work. 
Momma and Pearl
This mother and daughter were rescued from the same SSPCA case that brought us Chief. They had been abandoned and were in great need of handling and care. Momma, as an older mare, never became comfortable as a riding pony and has been rehomed as a companion pony. As her youngster Pearl came to us as a foal, she benefitted from handling from a much younger age and is being brought on and loved by her new owner.
Chief has the saddest back story of all our rescues. He was found suckling his dead mother after she died of dehydration and neglect. Fortunately he is a very positive and outgoing character who joined our herd and immediately made friends. He is still a baby, so his main job is knocking over wheelbarrows and nibbling wellingtons.
As his name suggests, Fury was not always the friendly, curious and playful boy he is now. As a youngster, he was uncatchable and uncontrollable; he took a large number of volunteers all day to get into the horse box to bring home. He has been gelded, backed and gently schooled, and is maturing into a beautiful horse.
Our 'Grumpy' is our most venerable horse at 23 years of age, and has come to us for a peaceful semi-retirement. She is ridden and loved by one of our Trustees, who is improving her fitness considerably as well as controlling her tendency to laminitis.
Marble is a huge success story for Saddle Up Ranch. She had a bad start in life, being abused and mistreated until she had no trust of humans. Jessie had a lot of work to do to stop the biting and other aggression that she presented with. She is now a sweet, biddable and much loved horse, cared for and trained by our longest-standing volunteer. 
Promise had possibly the most dramatic arrival, as she was due to be euthanised the following day. We fortunately heard her story - that she had kicked a woman in the face - and rushed to bring her to the ranch. She was retrained with appropriate care and has never been aggressive to anyone; she has settled from being a rather bossy girl to an enthusiastic and gregarious member of our core team.
Mouse is now 23 years old, and has come to us for her semi-retirement. Her previous owner, who lives and works in London, is delighted that she is now receiving the regular attention she deserves, and visits regularly to ride and admire her.
Big Krysztoff, also known as The Colonel, had serious issues with his feet. He arrived shod, overweight and in generally poor shape. His hooves are improving dramatically now that he is barefoot and regularly receives corrective trimming. He is a fit, happy and exciting hacker and the boss of the herd.
Hooch's owner was given him as a wedding present - although she had no facilities or experience of horse care. He was loaned to us to be backed, brought on and cared for. His sponsor fell for him and he is now on permanent loan to her.
Wee Bright, our miniature Shetland, was outgrown and had nowhere to go. She has been with us for eight years now, and is a firm favourite with everyone - especially the children who are led about in her tiny Western saddle wearing chaps and cowboy hats.
Poor Jasper arrived in an anxious and aggressive state; he had been abused and was terrified of people. After a lot of remedial work he calmed and became friendly to horses and humans alike; he is now a ridden pony.
A Welsh pony, Carrie was confused - she had had considerable money spent on schooling but still she kept bucking everyone off. We took her back to basics and she is now safely ridden by one of the charity’s founders who moved away for work.
Much like big Ralph, Topaz was a stressed ex-eventer who hated bits and being held back. She was retrained to the more relaxed Western style and happily re-homed with an older gentlemen who used to ride Western in his younger days.
One of our first rescues, Bella is a giant cob who was bought as a baby by people wanting a small pony for their kids. Unfortunately she outgrew their child and their abilities. She hadn't left her field in four years and was fearful of new things. As we did not have a trailer, Bella was walked eight miles to her new home to start her education. She is now a much-loved member of a trekking school in the Highlands.
The SSPCA rescued a group of sixty horses, of whom Apache was one. She was uncatchable, very fearful and dangerous to be around, flattening her ears and kicking to prevent people getting near. She became manageable thanks to us moving to premises that had stabling facilities; living in and being caught daily helped her to calm and become part of the herd. She is now a companion to an older gentlemen horse.
Flame belonged to a herd of 20 Arabian horses that was left in dire straits when their breeder became ill. She was a little fearful, having not been handled, but very easy with other horses; she was broken to ride and re-homed to a lady who rides endurance. We still receive updates that the two are having lots of fun.
Lady and Blue
These two Skyrian ponies came to us from a local children’s petting animal park, where they had become too nippy for safety. They were very difficult and brave and cheeky, using their weight and biting to get what they wanted. Blue was gelded and they were both trained, broken to ride and re-homed independently for competent children to enjoy.

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