Events At Saddle Up

At Saddle Up we have a great offering of educational events to share, whether you are a small community group looking for a workshop, an individual horse owner wanting to expand their horsemanship skills or even someone completely new to horses we can help cater to your requirements. 

Events note:

All workshops are priced at £25 per head, to attend a workshop please get in touch to book your space.

For the following workshops you can bring your own horse or work with one of ours at no extra cost

  • Clicker training
  • Desensitisation
  • Relationship building
  • Confidence building
  • Groundwork games

Upcoming Events

Barefoot Trimming Clinics

Barefoot clinics are theory based with cadaver and live specimens. Learn about hoof anatomy, shod versus barefoot, transition from shod to barefoot and the general upkeep of hooves

Date Time
02-06-2019 11 - 1

Clicker Training and Games

It's not all about galloping through fields with the wind in our hair and sun on our backs - horses are very keen learners! Some are jokers too! Join us in one of our workshops to bridge the communication gap between you and your horse and have fun!

Date Time Workshop
19-05-2019 11 - 1 Clicker Training
16-06-2019 11 - 1 Groundwork games

Relationship and Trust

These workshops are aimed at getting you and your horse working together as a balanced team not a master / servant relationship!! If confidence has been lost, if you haven't worked with your horse for some time or if your horse can be spooky then these workshops are for you!

Date Time Workshop
30-06-2019 11 - 1 Building relationships
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