Community Workshops

We offer one-to-one tuition or group workshops.

In a two hour session you will start to learn about equine body language, how horses communicate to humans and to each other. The  hands-on ground work exercises teach horse psychology building on participants' confidence and leadership skills. This experience can be learned by anyone; horses respond to human body language and very quickly the human individual can learn to be more body aware and present in the moment. 

Practical equine husbandry is taught, from pasture management; cleaning paddocks and sleeping area and checking water, how and what to feed, ailments to look out for as well as how and why we brush horses, hoof care, how to tack them up or get ready for working with.

Follow up workshops and advanced workshops teach marker training and horses can learn tricks - the more time is spent with an individual horse the stronger the bond with humans and they can even learn to pick up objects and retrieve them. Games from the ground are a fantastic escape from real life, simple games like ‘follow me' are huge fun for adults and children leading to more advanced behaviours like walking backwards, over obstacles and even trick training!

We currently hold regular workshops for the Veterans' Assocation, autistic children and have forged links with Angus, Dundee and Fife councils. 


A meaningful picture to us!
Both human and horse had a history of anxiety and within only a few hours developed a lasting bond together.

True evidence of a horse's therapeutic value.

We are located at:

Saddle Up! Ranch

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Glamis Estate


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